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ACHS Beyond

Essential Questions

  • What information supports the academy and pathway models for schools?

  • Where did the idea for the academies and pathways originate?

  • What school divisions in Virginia currently have academies and pathways on a large scale?

  • What are the proposed academies and pathways in the 2024-2025 Program of Studies?

  • What is the suspected impact of the academies and pathways for all students at Alexandria City High School?

Planning for Academies and Pathways: Master Schedule

  • Year 1 Implementation of Academies and Pathways

    • Seniors will be able to take courses needed for graduation.

  • Academy Locations

    • Academies will be located at both Minnie Howard and King Street Campuses based on specialty equipment and the number of sections needed for courses.

  • Pathways

    • Pathways locations will be confirmed in collaboration the master schedule team, CTE director, and the school administration. 

    • Pathway locations will be publicly announced  in conjunction with the academic advisement period.

    • Pathways are near completion with the team using the VDOE approved career cluster pathways and the guidance of the CTE Director.